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You don't have to be flexible to do Yoga!

This week at the Happiness Hub we invited Yoga teacher Kristyna Vopickova from Yoga Masters UK to tell us about the benefits of Yoga.

Kristyna has been practising yoga for over 11 years and came to tell us about how to get started and the different types of yoga they do at their studio just across the way from the Granary Arts Cafe where we hold our Happiness Hub meetings.

Kristyna talked us through and demonstrated some of the movements she teaches in her class but also emphasised that you don't need to be flexible before you start Yoga. She talked about her own yoga journey and how it took her time and practice to become a teacher, and that Yoga is like anything and takes practice to get better. She also talked about muscle memory and how the body remembers the poses you learn and how sometimes it can be our minds that can hold us back.

Kristyna really wanted to get across the message that yoga really is for everyone and that their studio offers a wide range of classes to suit all ages, abilities and lifestyles.

Kristyna talking us through her yoga journey and how to get started

We also welcomed Helen to the Happiness Hub meeting who recently joined and attends Kristyna's class and has come on leaps and bounds with her yoga. When Helen started doing yoga just weeks previously she was reliant on a wheelchair to get around.

Helen told us about her health challenges and how the pandemic had really made her health deteriorate due to lockdowns and having to isolate, and how she was determined to do something that would help her regain her strength and mobility once she was able to get out and about.

Helen told us that since joining the yoga class, she no longer needs to use a wheelchair and what a difference it's made to her life both mentally and physically.

Helen told us: "Yoga helps my mind and helps me cope despite my health issues as it sets my mind free. I can go to a mental place where I can be myself.

I have forged close friendships in the group and we often go for coffee afterwards."

You can read Helen's full story here on the Nantwich Buddies Blog about her transformation and how Yoga and help from Charlotte, one of the Nantwich Buddies helped her get her life back.

I think everyone that attended this weeks session would agree, that hearing Helen's story about how her life has been changed for the better because of her community and because of getting active really was inspiring.

In fact, so inspiring that it brought a tear to Nantwich Buddies founder, Liz's eye. Liz has heard so much about Helen from our Buddy Charlotte, and how she had been helping Helen, she commented on how lovely it was to hear her story and actually meet her.

Uplifted by Helen's story our Happiness Hubsters were keen to visit the yoga studios and have a look around. Kristyna and her sons answered all our questions and even gave a demonstration of the Aerial Yoga studio, which is great for people starting yoga and includes silk supports that help members perform the yoga positions.

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