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What's your hidden talent?

This week at the Happiness Hub we had an informal gathering since we'd hosted several sessions with guest speakers recently.

As we're halfway through the month of November and our Be Active well-being theme we chatted about getting active during the month and whether anyone had tried anything new.

It was fab to hear a couple of members who had been inspired by last weeks talk from Yoga Masters UK and had joined a yoga class this week. Wanting to lead by example I shared the new exercise class I'd started, which I'd been wanting to try for ages called Pound Fit with the group.

We've also encouraged our members to come along for a Sunday morning wellness walk too. The first Sunday of the month was a great success when we joined the guided walk from St Mary's Church in Acton with six Happiness Hubsters trekking across the Cheshire countryside.

So this week to get the group buzzing and everyone out of their seats we played Human Bingo. We gave everyone a card with a series of statements and they had to find people who fit them.

So for example, find someone who is scared of spiders, (our group are a resilience lot and not many people were), someone who's a morning person and of course there were some activity ones in there, such as find someone who's taken part in a team sport or tried a new activity this week.

My particular favourite was when asking one of our members if they had a hidden talent and being told they had, then they wouldn't tell me what it was, because it wouldn't be hidden then! So I guess I'll never know!

We found it difficult to find someone who'd spent the day free from screens, although one member only used her phone to take calls, so I think that counts.

We had quite a few members who can play musical instruments, so who knows we might set up a Happiness Hub band!

Another fab evening was had by all the members and we've had some lovely feedback from our members this month too.

"I think the Happiness Hub is brilliant... What a sweet group you have made, I know we all agree." - Louise

After our first wellness walk, we received this text from member Rachel:

"I just want to say a huge thank you to you for setting up the Happiness Hub! It has made such a difference to me and helped me to feel connected after moving here last year. Today was just fantastic too, really enjoyed it."

We've two more weeks on our current well-being theme and also a talk from one of our Buddies lines up all about Stress Management. We Christmas is fast approaching I think we could all use some help.

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