• Benjamin Stubbs

The power of letting go

The biggest myth about 'letting go' is that if we let go, release or 'move on' from a person, situation, scenario, past event...that 'they' win.

So 99% of us hold onto the anger, frustration, blame etc thinking that if we let go then we 'lose' or they are 'right'. When in fact, by choosing to let go - or start to let go - then WE win. We start to move on in our life.

Start to think about past events, scenarios, people etc that you still have pent up anger, frustration etc and start to ask whether you can start to let it go. Remember, letting go doesn't mean you agree or are 'letting them off', this is all about YOUR Freedom.

In our Happy Appy 6-week wellness programme, we went through a technique called 'The Sedona Method' and we practised it with our participants on the weekly Sunday ZOOM sessions. It's great for letting go of past memories, events and emotions and if you need some help in letting things go. As I like saying holding on to these things is like holding on to hot coals the only person being burned is you.

Once you've mastered the technique and don't forget it takes practice like everything, you'll be able to welcome and separate those feelings and emotions from the memory, event or person.

You'll be able to handle the situation easier next time and things won't seem as bad.

You'll also be able to approach the subject more calmly and not feel as emotional about the situation as before. It's a small shift to make in your awareness but it makes a massive difference in the way you feel.

If you'd like to learn more about the method and have a go yourself myself and Keds practised it on this week's podcast, so you can listen in and follow along.

Something else you might find useful is the famous Buddhist story about letting things go and how holding on to things can bring us down both physically and mentally.

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