• Kedren Elliott

Self-care May

This month at the Happiness Hub, we'll be sharing tips on how to be comfortable with who you are.

No one is perfect, yet we often expect ourselves to be! When we learn to accept ourselves we are likely to be happier and better at learning and growing!

How we feel about ourselves can have a big influence on how happy and resilient we are. When we start to accept, like anyone, we all have strengths and imperfections, and that we make mistakes and sometimes fail is important for our psychological wellbeing. It won't mean we don’t feel bad when we mess up, but we won’t dwell on it as much or beat ourselves up about it. We are also less likely to feel ashamed and withdraw from others, and it can boost our relationships and compassion toward others too.

Research shows we can learn how to accept ourselves more. Developing the skills of self-compassion, a better understanding of our strengths, how to use these more, and ways to work with or around our weaknesses can all positively impact our happiness. Being more able to know and accept our whole self, to be authentic rather than trying to be perfect, is a firmer foundation for a happier life at any age.


Here's how you can get involved and make a difference:

This month's theme is based on: Acceptance from Action for Happiness 10 Keys to Happier Living >> Find out more about Action for Happiness.

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