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Resilient April

Updated: Apr 20

This month at the Happiness Hub, we'll be helping you find ways to bounce back.

Resilience is the process of adapting well in the face of adversity, trauma, tragedy, threats, or significant sources of stress.

Everyone has ups and downs - difficulties are part of life for us all. Science shows we can learn skills, actions and habits of thinking that boost our natural resilience. Being resilient doesn’t mean we will never feel pain, upset, hurt, sadness, fear or anger when we experience difficult times. It means in the moment or over time we can find ways to cope constructively, accept what has happened, adapt and eventually move forward.

Individually, we vary in our natural levels of resilience, but everyone can learn to be more resilient and there are lots of ways we can incorporate it into our daily lives.

We can all develop our skills and nurture our internal and external resources to help us respond flexibly, effectively deal with challenges, recover more quickly and even learn as a result. This can lower our risk of depression and anxiety and even enable us to age successfully. What’s more the same skills can help us manage the fear of taking on new opportunities and so help us develop and grow in other ways too.


Here's how you can get involved and make a difference:

This month's theme is based on: Resilience from Action for Happiness 10 Keys to Happier Living >> Find out more about Action for Happiness.

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