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New Habits - how to find more time for the things you enjoy

Updated: May 10, 2021

Installing new habits of behaviour can help assist a happier mindset and make you less stressed.

It's well known that changing habits isn't easy, but it's not impossible and if you start small there are little things that we can all do to find more time to do the things that we enjoy. Rather than spending time on things that make us more stressed or unhappy.

The first thing to do is notice and become aware of the things that you do that might not be serving you. Don't beat yourself up about it, we all get into patterns of behaviour that might not help us be productive and be the best version of ourselves, but being aware is the first step in changing your habits to something more beneficial.

Then it's thinking how can I go about changing these behaviours, we've some suggestions below, but perhaps it's not about going completely cold turkey and stopping them completely, maybe it's just about reducing the amount of time you spend on them or changing how you do them.

Giving ourselves a small goal will also help you focus on what your aims are and how to go about changing your habits. It will also make you more likely to stick to them too.

Things you could try

  • Limit your news intake to 15 mins. There are links on the resources page of more uplifting articles if you want something to read on your breaks etc.

  • Limit your social media to 15-30mins max a day

  • Get outside for 20 mins a day in daylight. Sitting in the garden, going out on your break... anything to get some natural light.

  • Consciously choose the media you watch... TV shows, Music, Films, Radio, Books, Magazines, Articles etc. It's not about sticking your head in the sand but you can be informed without being inundated. This will make a massive difference.

Use your new-found time (due to minimised scrolling) and cutting down on binge-watching TV to pursue things that interest you... be it art, dance, DIY, walking, playing, catching up with a friend/family member, researching something of interest, playing an instrument, learning a new skill?

What will you use your new-found time to do?

In our latest podcast Kedren Elliott and Benjamin Stubbs talk about New Habits and how they can help you with your mental health, changing the little things you do can give you more time and make you feel less stressed.

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