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Meditation and the Power of letting go

It's been a busy month down at the Happiness Hub, our members have been learning all sorts of techniques to help them with their well-being.

On the 8th Stu Mace, Life Survival Coach came down to do a short session on meditation for our members.

Meditation is a huge topic, so Stu did his very best to pack as much info as he could into our hour and a half session with a ten minute guided mediation at the end, which left us all relaxed. In particular Argos the pooch who comes along with his owner to the group each week. (Tell the truth I think Argos was pretty relaxed to begin with, as she gets lots of attention when she comes down.)

Stu teaching us the power and benefits of meditation (Argos the dog just out of shot!)

It was a fab session run by Stu and great to hear from some of our members that they already practise daily mediation, and how they incorporated it into their daily life.

Last week we had another guest speaker, Mindset Coach Benjamin Stubbs who came down to teach us another technique called the Sedona method which is great for quieting the mind and letting go of unhelpful thoughts and feelings. This was a technique that Ben shared with us during the 6-week online Happy Appy course we ran last year in April.

You can find out more about this technique on our blog post The Power of Letting Go and by listening to Episode 31 of our podcast with Ben all about the technique.

Don't forget when learning anything new, we're not going to be experts or good at things when we first when start. Like anything meditation and mindfulness takes practice. The more you try these things the better you will get at them, and there is always more to learn about these subjects.

Next week is our last week on the topic of learning and our very own Liz Parking will be teaching us about Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP). Liz will be sharing with us some of the tips and techniques that she learned whilst training for her NLP Practitioner and then Master Practitioner over 14 years ago.

Register for next weeks event here, our group is free to everyone whether you'd like to improve your well-being or just come and meet new people.

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