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Easy ways to learn

Last week in group we talked about all the different ways in which learning new skills is great for your confidence and wellbeing. We discussed things which we could do to learn and also shared things we already do. It was a wide and varied discussion and we have many talented members who are learning to play the piano, learning to speak Japanese and a member who makes jewellery using coke cans and a 3D printer!

We are of course sharing learning prompts every day this month via our Happiness Hub Facebook Group and on our Happier February calendar, but where else can you find free learning resources and pick up new skills. Here are some things we shared last week in group.

Learn a new language - Duolingo is a free App that you can download on your phone or tablet device. Learn a new language in your spare time or when you're on the go with easy exercises for you to complete.

Learn new business and creative skills - At the moment you can get 1 free month of Skillshare, unlimited access to thousands of inspiring classes, taught by industry leaders & working professionals. Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more.

YouTube, learn anything - Want to learn how to change a plug, unblock a sink, yoga, cross-stitch, or paint? You name it, there is probably a Youtube video showing you how to do it, and all for free.

Centre of Excellence - Award Winning Courses For Careers & Soft Skills For The 21st Century. Industry Recognised Certifications and CPD accredited. Often offering discounted courses with access to online learning communities too so you can connect with other learners.

Simply Piano - Learn to play the piano on your own time at your own pace. The Simply Piano App has a free trial, so you try before you bu. Courses include everything for beginners to learning how to play your favorite songs and read sheet music.

We also talked about mindfulness apps that can help you with learning mediatation, mindfulness and help with things like sleep and anxiety, here are our top three.

What new skills and things are you going to learn this year?

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