Happiness Hub Podcast

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In our first series of the Happiness Hub Podcast we had a wide range of guests including two of our Nantwich Buddies. Everything from Writers and Authors to Hypnotherapists and Nutritionists 

Our second series focused on mental health charities and we had some amazing guests from local charities like Crewe Samaritans, North Staffs Mind and Visyon to national charities like Mental Health Research UK. We also interviewed another of our lovely volunteers from Nantwich Buddies, Tim Dougill who has raised over £4,000 during lockdown with his virtual pub quizzes and for mental health charity Mind.

In our third series, we followed the weekly self-care themes of our Happy Appy 6-week wellness course that we ran back in April/May, to help participants and listeners maximise their happiness with special guest Benjamin Stubbs-Mindset Coach.


Our fourth series was inspired by Happiness Hub host Kedren Elliott being diagnosed with MS, and so she wanted to do a series all about living with a chronic illness and overcoming the mental health issues these conditions bring.

We'll be kicking off series five at the end of September 2021, in line with our Happiness Hub social groups. Our first podcasts will focus on the 5 ways to wellness and how to use these to live a happier and more meaningful life