The Happiness Hub Podcast

Get Happy & Be Happy


The Happiness Hub has a suite of different activities and things you can get involved with to help you with your mental health.


It all started as an idea to host a mental health podcast called the Happiness Hub, presented by Liz Parkin and Kedren Elliott, a weekly show with guests talking about all things related to mental health and tips on how to be happy, get happy and stay happy.

The podcast started from the RedShift Community Hub, a non-profit organisation that encourages community cohesion through volunteering, podcasting and social action, and Nantwich Buddies. The Buddies were set up at the start of lockdown helping those in the community who needed help the most during the pandemic. 


We then went on to run The Happy Appy is a 6-week pilot programme delivered through a mobile app, the development of which was funded by the Cheshire Crime Commissioner Fund. 

And more recently we were awarded a grant from Nantwich Town Council to run in-person Happiness Hub Community groups for anyone in Nantwich who might feel lonely or isolated, who's new to Nantwich or just keen to make friends. Our groups will be running every Tuesday starting on Tuesday the 28th of September at the Granary Arts Cafe in Nantwich between 8-9:30pm. 



“I’ve only listened to a few minutes but it is fab. The chemistry between you and your fellow presenter is brilliant. This could teach so many people in time of uncertainty and unsettledness." - Tracey Worrall




"We wouldn't go to the gym once and expect muscles, we wouldn't eat one salad and then expect to be size 6. Our brain is the same, it's a muscle and needs training, new ways of thinking, to make lasting change. There are little things we can do and change keep our minds active and help us lose the mental weight  we've picked up over the years." Benjamin Stubbs, Mindset Coach - Episode 10



Our Happy Hub Community groups will be starting on Tuesday the 28th of September, everyone is welcome.

Running every week at The Granary Arts Cafe on Welsh Row in Nantwich. Register your interest below or email us at if you'd like to know more.

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